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Mind Movie: Being aware that "you" are watching a "movie" called your mind.

Superuser: Imagining logging into a more powerful account that lets you access and control your mind.

Metathinking: Thinking about your thinking.


Awareness Points: A small internal reward for becoming aware of your mind. Awareness points can be used in concentration exercises, and to build mindfulness in everyday tasks.

Squirrel! Becoming aware of distractions, especially digital distractions, that break your concentration (text messages, chat requests, etc.)

Mental Decluttering: Reducing the "mental clutter" of unfinished tasks by eliminating interruptions.

Concentration Exercise: Progressively relax the body, then focus on the breath at the nostrils. Score +1 Awareness Point when you notice your mind wandering.

The Illuminati: Instead of focusing on the nostrils, focus on the point between the eyebrows.

Alien Blaster: Pretend each thought is an alien. Whenever you notice a thought, mentally say, "Thought," which disintegrates the alien with a hydrogen-ion particle blaster.

The Third Nipple: Instead of focusing on the nostrils, focus on the point between the breasts.

Golden Breath: Instead of focusing on the nostrils, focus on the air itself as you inhale and exhale. Imagine that you are taking in pure oxygen, a delicious smell, or a healing elixir.

The Slow Jam: Do the basic concentration game, but as you exhale, try to capture the "feel" of sinking into a warm bubble bath, relaxing into a sexy rhythm, or grooving to a slow jam.

Rise and Smile: Perform any of the variations above, but smile while doing so.


Five Whys: Asking "Why?" five times, until you get to the root (or roots) of your problem thinking.

Worst-Case Scenario: Asking, "What's the worst thing that could possibly happen?"

Third-Person Perspective: Asking, "If this was someone else's problem, what would I say to that person?"

Invisible Counselors: Imagining great historical figures who can offer advice on your problem.

METAL: My Emotion-Thought-Action Loop, or identifying the emotion that precedes the thought that precedes the action.


Relooping: Taking a METAL loop and imagining a new loop to replace the old one.

Reality Distortion Field: Imagining that reality has already been changed ("fake it 'til you make it").

Your Best Possible Future: Imagining what you want out of life (not what you don't want).

Positive Loops

The Mood Chip: If you could have an emotional bio-chip implanted into your head, what emotion would you choose?

The $50 Million Inheritance: If you suddenly inherited a large sum, what experience would you buy?

The Genie in the Lamp: If you outstmarted a genie, what would you ask for?

Your Evolution Contribution: What's the one thing you'd like to contribute to the world?

The Funeral Speech: What's the one thing you'd like people to say about you when you die?


The $10 Million Check: Writing your positive loops somewhere you will see them regularly.

Don't Break the Chain: Keeping (and recording) a daily "streak" of some positive habit.

Smiling in the Shower: Repeating your positive loops during downtime, while smiling or feeling good.


Shall We Play a Game?: Imagining the step-by-step process of getting to your goal (not just the end state).

Block and Tackle: Imagining how you will respond in moments of difficulty, on your way to achieving your goal.

Self-Simulation: Seeing yourself achieving your goal, but in the third person.


Share the Dream: Sharing your positive loops and goals with other people.


LASER: Choosing subgoals that are Limited, Achievable, Specific, Evaluated, and Repeatable.

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